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Hospitality Today magazine
I have just been reading Michel Roux Jr's interview in Hospitality Today - what a great piece it is. At last someone who knows what he is talking about realises what a loss it has been to the hospitality industry, not being able to employ workers from Commonwealth countries (including South Africa). Congratulations to Michel for encapsulating so many things in the interview that I have been saying about the industry over the past 40 years.
Thank you, keep up the good work - Hospitality Today is great.
Geoffrey Bond MIH, General Manager
Hillthwaite House Hotel, Windemere, Cumbria
                      Hospitality Today magazine

Hospitality Today magazine
Hospitality Today always addresses issues relevant to the pub sector in an informed, intelligent way. It is of benefit to the industry in it's capacity as both a shaper and presenter of the industry viewpoint and as a listening ear and herald for the opinions of those involved in the trade. Add to this its informative and often entertaining slants on 'whats new' in the many areas of interest in our industry, and you have a pretty impressive publication.
Steven Hardstone,
Publican and Licensee

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Hospitality Today magazine
Hospitality contributes over 115 billion to the UK economy per annum. The hospitality industry generated 153,000 new jobs from 2010 to 2012, accounting for 27.7% of all new jobs created in the UK. Now responsible for 2.68 million jobs, hospitality is Britain's fourth largest industry.
British Hospitality Association
Agenda for 300,000 new jobs [March 2013]
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